Year 2015

1.  (Some) Creative Ideas to Keep your Salon Customers Loyal

2. Pulpwood Queens book club to host “Girlfriend Weekend” in Nacogdoches (pdf download)

3. Pulpwood Queens floods the Brick Streets (pdf download)

4. Having a Ball (pdf download)

6. Pulpwood Queens (pdf download)

7. Taylor dishes on why she chose the Pulpwood Queen (pdf download)

8. Movie Planned about Pulpwood Queens, Founder Kathy Murphy

9. Pulpwood Queens a homegrown story of books and big hair

10. Latham: Amazing Times with Pulpwood Queens

11. Texas writer didn’t need Oprah after all

12. Pulpwood Queens leader has ‘knack’ for picking books

13. Famous Author Leads Youth at Hawkins UMC in East Texas


Year 2014

1) Holley: You can curl your hair, curl up with a book, too

2) Ex-WB Exec Lynn Harris Launches Weimaraner With Husband Matti Leshem

3) Kathy Patrick’s realm as a small-town hairdresser reaches far and wide through her Pulpwood Queens book club

4) 8 Ways to Turn Book Club Meetings into Unforgettable Experiences


Year 2013 and Older

1) Pulpwood Queens Book Club Readies for Girlfriend Weekend


3) Authors, reading club converge for annual festival

4) Kathy L. Patrick, the Queen of Reading

5) Recycling Lives: The Homecoming Queens

6) Pulpwood Queen Girlfriend Weekend Road Trip Diary

7) Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson

8) The Pulpwood Queen Book Club Girlfriend Weekend 2013

9) Amy Hill Hearth

10) Top 10 Sound Bites Heard at Pulpwood Queen’s Girlfriends’ Weekend ‘13

11) Pulpwood Queens: Many Kinds of Inspiration

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